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Who's behind MelCo Design


Melanie Courtemanche

Owner of MelCo Design

With a rich background in education and leadership, where I used technology to enhance learning and teaching processes, collaboration and organizational solutions, I've also honed my skills in website design, social media management, and e-learning solutions over many years. Transitioning into the business world, I founded my own company focused on digital design, marketing, and social media management. 


Today, with MelCo Design, I work with a diverse range of clients, from engineering to nutrition, healing, mortgages, education, finances, real estate, and more. I utilize my skills in practical problem-solving and creative consulting.


I am not just a website designer or a digital marketer, I work as a guide, a coach, and a partner to make your business visible and successful and to help it grow. At MelCo Design, I strive to empower you with the tools, knowledge, and confidence you need to succeed online if that’s your goal or to do it for you if time and resources are not part of your equation. 

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My mission is to make the complex simple, breaking down intricate processes into manageable and efficient steps. I'm patient and understanding and always ensure you feel heard and valued.


Staying up-to-date with the latest trends, I provide relevant solutions tailored to meet your unique needs. I place great emphasis on clear communication, trust, reliability, and collaboration, making sure that every digital solution is as effective as it can be. I'm committed to your success and your business growth.

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Our Mission

MelCo Design seeks to create, inspire, connect, and empower businesses by designing dynamic and engaging online platforms. Our mission is to enhance visibility, accessibility, and impact for businesses in the digital landscape. By crafting tailored content and implementing effective digital marketing strategies, we strive to significantly increase reach, conversion rates, sales, and productivity for our clients. We are committed to building successful digital bridges between businesses and their customers, fostering growth and innovation.

Core Values


Unique, useful, relevant, practical, and smart. With your style, your personality, your business, your goals, and your objectives in mind.


Creating and publishing inspiring content and that promotes your unicity and your message with clarity and flow.


Best strategies to connect with integrity and efficiency with clients. Offering meaningful content and products that relate to your clients' needs.


Empowering and strenghtening businesses to increase their reach, conversion rate, sales, and productivity, and making them more appealing to potential clients.

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